The Complete Range of Solar Panel Cleaning Treatments


SolarVite First Time Clean

First Time Clean is designed to bring new life to old panels, or to revitalise panels that have never been cleaned. It's the strongest of our treatments. Use it first, unless the panels are brand new, and then carry out regular cleaning maintenance with Shine and Protect.

Restore Maximum Solar Efficiency

  • For "Never Cleaned" Panels
  • Revitalise Old Panels
  • Safely Remove Stubbon Dirt
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SolarVite Shine and Protect

Shine and Protect is our regular maintenance and protection cleaning product for Solar Panels. It removes regular soiling and lays down an optically-safe layer of protective polymers to seal the panel surface, reduce tarnishing, and delay future soiling.

Maintain Solar Panel Efficiency

  • Safely Clean Solar Panels
  • Keeps Panels Cleaner Longer
  • Maintains the Look of Solar Panels
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SolarVite Pre-Icer

Pre-Icer is the complete Winter preparation and cleaning product. Based on a formulation designed for preventing ice formation on aircraft wings and windows, Pre-Icer is best applied at the start of winter and can be used to de-ice panels during winter if required.

Winter Preparation Treatment

  • Help Prevent Future Icing
  • De-Ices Panels
  • Make the most of the weaker Winter Sun
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SolarVite Full Range

A Pack containing our Full Range

  • 1 x First Time Clean
  • 2 x Shine and Protect
  • 1 x Pre-Icer
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