SolarVite Powers Business Opportunity

Solar panels have been springing up all over the UK and many homeowners are unaware that their panels need regualr cleaning, and that actually it's suggested that panels should be cleaned once or twice a year.

The solar panel boom has created an opportunity for enterprising individuals to provide local, professional solar panel cleaning services (and care services if you have experience with solar panel maintenance).

It's up to you to get your business running with SolarVite but here are a few key things to help get you started:

  • Solar panels can lose 25% of their efficiency after one year of not being cleaned.
  • Homeowners are often told that their solar panels are 'self-cleaning' and are cleaned by rain water. This is misleading. Our windows aren't cleaned by rain water as sometimes the build up of dirt and grime can be too stubborn, and this is the same as with solar panels.
  • Homes near runways, flight-paths and busy motorways get a heavier build up of dirt on their panels.
  • It's recommended that panels should be cleaned once or twice a year. so keep your customers details and remind them when their panels are due for their next clean!
  • Our kit works on both solar PV and solar thermal perfectly.
  • We have specialised products such as 'first-time clean' and solar panel 'pre-icer' as well as our standard 'shine and protect' formula.
  • Always remember to turn off the panels before cleaning them.
  • Earn back the cost of the SolarVite kit quickly - you'll be in profit before you know it.
  • View how to use the SolarVite kit here:
  • Buy SolarVite cleaning treatments in commercial-volume packages at a special rate for trade customers.

You can purchase the full SolarVite Kit here, but we also offer trade packages which include the kit and everything you need to help start up your business properly, including advice, business cards, and your own business website.

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