Purpose Designed Complete Solar Panel Cleaning System

Bring old Solar Panels to life and restore maximum FiT payments. Maintain Panels as close as possible to their maximum output

Solarvite Cleaning Kit


Cleaning From Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

  • MASSIVE 11.2m Max Reach
  • RECHARGEABLE cordless pump
  • MAINS charger
  • RUNS FROM car cigar lighter
  • REACH 2m - 11.2m

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Details

Questions and answers

1What is the reach of the Solarvite Brush?
The (maximum) cleaning reach is 37ft (11.27m). The brush pole and brush when fully extended measures 31' 2" (9.6m) but the height and arm reach of the average user provides access and the cleaning reach shown. Unfortunately every house is different so it will be necessary to measure the height and distance to the panels from a safe place where you'll be able to stand to be absolutely sure it's long enough. Please leave a metre or so as a 'safety margin' if unsure but if you can stand in a position where the panels are visible and you are within about 6m of the house wall you should be OK.
2Can I buy treatments separately
Yes, the treatments are available in single 1l bottles or in packs of 4.
Packs of 4 are better value for money because the delivery charge works out considerably better.
3Do your cleaners and brushes work on Thermal Solar Panels too?
Although thermal solar panels are more resilient to dirt and contamination than are PV panels they still benefit from cleaning. Air-borne contaminants are corrosive, and dirt (as the owner of any black car will tell you) is light in colour and this reflects get energy that could otherwise be heating your hot water.
4Can your treatments be used without the application kit?
As long as you can reach the panels safely with a soft brush or sponge the SolarVite treatments will work well.
You could dip a long mop in the prepared solution and use that quite successfully.
5When fully extended the brush bends quite a lot - is this normal?
Yes it is.
The Fibreglass brush pole we use has been extensively tested for many years. It will bend like a fishing rod does, but it won't break. We have tried to break them, so you don't have to!